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Hotel Victoria

Rely on us – Rely on the Hotel VICTORIA

The highest hygiene standards and the safety of our guests have always been top priorities for our team! We therefore developed an extensive hygiene concept in order to make you feel safe and comfortable in our establishment even in times of Covid-19.

You can rely on US, we ensure reliability and take responsibility even in challenging times!

Victoria ALL TOGETHER is a motto that not only refers to the commitment we have towards each other as a team, but also to the mutual interaction with our guests.

The following measures help us cope with these unprecedented circumstances ALL TOGETHER.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment is available in our hotel.

Our credit card machines are set up to take contactless payment via credit or debit card, smartphone, Google Pay, Apple Pay or smartwatch.

Of course we will also continue to accept cash in the future.

Now all possibilities are available to you!

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We daily disinfect all common areas.

A first impression of cleanliness is very important to us. It is even more important to enhance and implement the cleaning routines in all areas and to give a pathogen no chance. These include the lift, the toilets, the reception, the hand rails and the door handles.

We have spared no expense and effort and recently clean and disinfect with an innovative and sustainable dry steam device;
- 100% disinfection through 179°C hot steam
- Only 5% water steam output compared to conventional steam devices (40%)
- Sustainable and health-friendly handling by dispensing with chemical cleaning agents

A hand disinfectant dispenser, located in the hotel entrance area, is available to you at all times.

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We make sure to maintain a respectful distance in all areas of the Hotel VICTORIA in order to protect our guests as well as our colleagues.

Electronic invoice

We e-mail the invoice to you.

The electronic invoice is one of the preventive measures that we give particularly importance to. It’s the best option to guarantee your safety during check-out and to help the environment through a further step towards sustainability!

We e-mail you the invoice immediately after the payment. Please don’t forget to enter your e-mail address in the registration form during the check-in so that our front desk may send you the invoice in a fast, digital way.

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Hygiene training

Our employees are specifically trained in hygiene practices and routines.

A responsible approach to hygiene has always been a top priority in all departments of the Hotel VICTORIA. In order to guarantee the highest health and safety standards during your stay, we revised and enhanced our hygiene concept in all departments.

Our employees from the departments of housekeeping, food & beverage, front desk and management are trained in our current hygiene strategy. With workshops and through our intranet communication we manage to keep every employee up to date about all hygiene practices and to ensure that everyone gets familiar with the current regulations!


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Our Team

We rely with confidence on our own team.

You can rely on our international team. We are very proud to assure you that our staff is composed of in-house employees. At the VICTORIA we are committed to work together according to our special motto WITH-ONE-ANOTHER and we can therefore guarantee our quality and high standards at all times.

It’s particularly important for us to emphasize that we have been working with an in-house housekeeping team for over 125 years. Even though it’s very common for a hotel of our size to cooperate with an independent cleaning company due to budget reasons, we prefer to rely on the long-standing experience of our housekeeping personnel and especially of our housekeeping manager!

You can rely on us, our team works on a daily basis to ensure you a safe environment!

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Room Cleaning

We offer you the possibility to skip the daily room cleaning during your stay.

This offer is optional for you. With the resources saved (cleaning agents, water, working time, etc.), the environment is protected on the one hand and on the other hand we support various social projects with the savings. If you would like to know more about this, please ask our friendly colleagues at reception.

Please let the reception know if you do not need to clean your room every day and support our project.

Are you planning to stay longer in our beautiful city and would like to have your room cleaned every now and then? No problem! Please inform our front desk the evening before or in the morning on your way to the breakfast room and we will take care of it.

Our housekeeping team will provide you any time with all the hygiene items you need, such as toilet paper, even if you skip the room cleaning service. Please let us know how we can assist you!

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Room desinfection

We disinfect and air our rooms thoroughly.

We have given a lot of thought especially to the issues concerning room cleaning. 

All areas of the room are thoroughly disinfected and aired after each departure. We pay special attention to sensitive items and surfaces such as the TV remote control, light switches, glasses and door handles.

Our housekeeping team has access to our new dry steam device especially for this purpose.

We guarantee 100% disinfection and cleanliness down to the smallest crevice, despite not using chemical cleaning agents.

A special air purification system Hyla disinfects and filters a large part of the viruses and bacteria from the air and ensures a pleasant indoor climate in your room. You can find the manufacturer's certificate here.


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Vital VICTORIA Breakfast

We will present you your Vital VICTORIA Breakfast.

Enjoy our Vital VICTORIA Breakfast!

We have designed a sophisticated and delicious solution to give you the perfect start to the day with our Vital VICTORIA Breakfast. 

At our newly designed breakfast buffet you can enjoy our classics as well as our VICTORIA breakfast tapas! Our breakfast team will serve your coffee specialities and egg dishes safely and comfortably to your table. Our VICTORIA breakfast tapas are: classic, delicious, sweet, savoury, seasonal, bold, fresh, vegan and much more!

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Let us surprise you!

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