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Bee workshop with our beekeeper Bernd Kober from STADTGOLD

How is Hotel VICTORIA honey produced in the centre of Nuremberg?

We finally had another opportunity to visit our bees on the roof of the Neues Museum with our beekeeper Bernd Kober from STADTGOLD.

He informed our YoungStars and our director Katharina about the production of honey and the "new harvest" could be tasted right away.

"The honey from the roof of the Neues Museum simply tastes different within a year depending on the harvest time," says beekeeper Kober.

If the honey can be harvested at the end of May (not possible every year), then the honey often has a fruity flavour - the bees have then been able to collect nectar from the fruit blossom. If the honey is harvested in early/mid-June, it usually contains a lot of robinia (false acacia), which blooms in the city beforehand.

Honey harvested at the end of June/beginning of July often tastes distinctly of lime blossom. Sometimes a honey is darker, in which case the bees have been able to collect honeydew from the leaves of the trees. This honey tastes a little "spicier", tending towards forest honey (this is also possible in the city!).

It not only offers real added value to our team, but above all to our guests, who can enjoy the delicious honey on our vitality breakfast buffet.
The latest honey harvest "Spring 2023"!  100% sustainable from our bees in Nuremberg ;-)

Come by as an external breakfast guest and experience our unique breakfast experience for yourself!
We look forward to seeing you!

Your Hotel VICTORIA Team