Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
+49 911 24050 ab 82 EUR

The VICTORIA is "greensigned"!

Mitarbeiter präsentieren das GreenSign Zertifikat vor dem Hotel VICTORIA in Nürnberg

We are pleased that through our actions sustainability is firmly anchored in the hotel.

GREENSIGN HOTEL, the N°1 sustainability certification for the hotel industry in Europe, has now certified the VICTORIA.

The hotel was tested for sustainability in 8 categories and awarded a very high level 4, the highest level among the participating Nuremberg hotels.

As a privately run hotel, we have taken on the certification in order to make structures that are already in place even more transparent for you, our guest.

Here we may quote GreenSign: 
"The recognised and transparent certification system of GreenSign is of great relevance for the sustainable success of a business. Hotels that are certified with GreenSign stand for sustainable hotel management and fulfil the most important criteria in harmony with ecological standards, social commitment and economic success. The GreenSign sustainability certificate enables you to position yourself as a sustainable hotel business in the national and international market and favours a continuous development of sustainability performance."

We were audited and certified in the following 8 categories:

  • Management & Communication
  • Regionality & Mobility
  • Biodiversity & Cultural Heritage
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Management & Sustainable Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environment
  • Economic responsibility

This remarkable result makes us extremely proud and motivates us in our efforts towards the 3 pillars: 

  • Ecology, 
  • social commitment and 
  • economic efficiency

We would like to thank Armin Wolff from GreenSign for the great cooperation.

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