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Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
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Im Rahmen der Kampagne #StadtGlück und unserer Nürnberg für Entdecker Seite möchten wir Ihnen zeigen, wie…

Our Director Katharina Germendorff has left the hotel to go on maternity leave

Wir freuen uns auf ein unbeschwertes Wiedersehen in der Zukunft.

Bleiben Sie gesund!

The year 2020 is dedicated to the theme:


Experience what we love!

As the grand finale of the year, our managing director, Sabine Powels, received an honorary award by the…

COMMITMENT has always been one of the main priorities of our hotel. Every employee shows it daily at work and…

Event days 2019 for the staff in Hotel VICTORIA! It was amazing…

... If someone asks what is special for our team in Hotel VICTORIA, we will ensured answer: Our diversity!

Our team has thought about what secret tips you should not be withhold!

The big hands-on activity! How we, the staff of the Hotel VICTORIA support the conservation of the bees.