Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
+49 911 24050 ab 82 EUR
Hotel Victoria

What's new at the Victoria?

News from the VICTORIA

Last week we were able to help harvesting our spring honey 2018.

For May we also have an Italian-style drink: Rosato Mio.

We celebrated this special day with lots of culinary specialties.

The hotel Victoria has been awarded again.

In April it's all about Italy: Negroni Spritz.

The expert from Hotelscape gave our receptionists tips and tricks.

A few weeks ago we startet our event season with our Easter Brunch.

Für unsere KreativSchub-Zimmer sind wir auf der Suche nach deinen Nürnberg-Bildern!

Our Orange Mojito is this year's herald of spring.

Last week we redesigned our intern management system.