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Sternstunden-for children in need

COMMITMENT has always been one of the main priorities of our hotel. Every employee shows it daily at work and we as a hotel show it through a donation to Sternstunden organization.

Sternstunden 2019

This year even our student Franzi was allowed to be present and help with the Sternstunden! 

Franzi has been a dual student in our hotel since 2019, where she helps us effortlessly every second week and sometimes even on her days off with her honorary role as a wine princess.

"Wine princesses are not there to look pretty and drink lots of wine, but to make people more aware of the beauty of a region and its delicious wines", explains Franzi. It is just a myth that the princesses are chosen for their looks, they even get 2 days worth of training to have the necessary know-how and to behave, speak and dress appropriately. After all, they represent a region. 

With this honorary role you visit many different events; fairs, wine festivals, wine tastings, Christmas markets, award ceremonies and sometimes even beer tastings, per example at the Oktoberfest.

This year Franzi was among the 8 chosen wine princesses from Franconia, out of total 84, to be present at one of the most popular events of this role: the Sternstunden Gala. The first thing to do at this event is to collect donations in the name of the Sternstunden while wearing a crown at the Christmas market in Nuremberg. Each donator may choose a star or a selfmade christmas ornament from different organisations. Even our Hotel Victoria has donated selfmade presents in support of Sternstunden.

In the evening, our Franzi was allowed to take a peek behind the scenes at the Sternstunden Gala and meet the backstage celebrities who provided free entertainment at the gala. This year, Peter Maffay and the Spider Murphy Gang were there. She was also allowed to take calls and collect donations at the telehpone booths. "It was an absolutely amazing experience to talk to the people on the phone wanting to give their donations for a good cause. They were all very kind and really had fun by donating, each of them wishing you Merry Christmas and thanking you for the nice conversation upon hanging up." Overall,  8.5 million Euro has been donated.

At the After Show Party, Franzi was allowed to pour wine and chat with the invited guests, who all seemed very relaxed and happy. To do something good, even for just one evening, gives the people such positive emotions.

And it is exactly these emotions that we want to pass on to our hotel guests, especially now in the Christmas season and give them unforgettable memories. 

Merry Christmas!

Sternstunden 2019