Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
+49 911 24050 ab 82 EUR
Hotel Victoria
Ann-Kathrin Rheindt-Lembacher Wabe
Experience what we love!

Accompany us to our favourite places, dive into the city's history and explore surrounding countryside of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg for Discoverers

quality management and brand development; maternity leave

Ann-Kathrin Rheindt-Lembacher

Why do you work at the Hotel VICTORIA?

I have been working at Hotel VICTORIA since 01 March 2022 and was already absolutely thrilled with the conversations in advance. I feel supported by everyone and I am never alone with my tasks. I can ask questions to anyone and everyone is helpful. So I really learn something new every day. In addition, the private management means that creativity is much more in the foreground and can be used.


What term for the Wall of Positive Energy  do you choose for your everyday work?

My term is ACCEPTANCE!

I feel very comfortable here. None of my ideas I bring up are rejected, but accepted in part or often in full and discussed. This makes me feel valued and motivated.

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