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"Pepper": The perfect guest service!

Our students took part in a course around the perfect guest services.

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Last week the students of Hotel Victoria took part in the course called “Pepper” of Frank Simmeth, which dealt with the perfect service for guests.

Frank Simmeth, coach and of Simmeth-Coachings, offers courses with these special names. These courses are intended especially for hotels and gastronomy.

First at all, the course started a little strange… To get in the mood for this upcoming day we started with singing a song escorted by guitar by Frank Simmeth himself. We were really surprised about this unusual practice to open a course, but we joined it. And this was exactly the message: Confusing people! By confusing guests and doing something unexpected, they will always remember you and come back!

During the day we learned much about the right communication with the guest s, wine service, tables’ etiquette, the right set-ups and how to plan a menue.

Saving the best for last: Frank  Simmeth showed us how to open a champagne bottle with a sabre.  For certain, with this show we will be the stars for the upcoming weddings or birthday parties.

Thanks a lot for this amazing day, we really had a lot of fun!

[Translate to Italienisch:] Wir sind bereit!
[Translate to Italienisch:] Frank Simmeth
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[Translate to Italienisch:] Tablett richtig tragen!