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Stadt(ver)führungen 2018

This year we were part of the so called Stadtverführungen.

[Translate to Italienisch:] Begrüßung durch Sabine Powels

This year we were part of the so called Stadtverführungen, an event with over 800 guided tours through Nuremberg and Fürth. During three tours we welcomed over 70 guests and showed them all the interestings parts of the Victoria.

Our managing director Sabine Powels told the visitors the history of the Victoria which is over 120 years old and showed them interesting areas of the house, for example some rooms and the historic cellar where the silverware and a lot of memories are stored.

We're already looking forward to the Stadt(ver)führungen 2019!

[Translate to Italienisch:] Es gab etliche Einblicke in die Zimmer
[Translate to Italienisch:] Zu unserem Treppenhaus gibt es einiges zu erzählen.
[Translate to Italienisch:] Der Tiefkeller war auch Teil der Führung.