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We harvested our Victoria honey 2018

Last week we were able to help harvesting our spring honey 2018.

[Translate to Italienisch:] Das Bienenvolk mit dem kostbaren Gold

Together with the beekeeper Bernd Kobr we started to harvest our Victoria honey last week. The beehives are located on the rooftop of the New Museum right across the hotel.

Before we started we had to put on protective clothing. After that Mr. Kobr opened the hives and lifted out the wax foundations. Up to 50,000 bees are living in the bee colony. After lifting out the foundations they are getting extracted.

In a few weeks our guests will be able to enjoy our own Victoria spring honey at the buffet during breakfast.



[Translate to Italienisch:] Unser fleißiges Victoria-Helferlein
[Translate to Italienisch:] Die Biene gehört zu den wichtigsten Nutztieren in Deutschland
[Translate to Italienisch:] Die Bienenstöcke auf dem Dach des Neuen Museums