Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
+49 911 24050 ab 82 EUR
Hotel Victoria
Christine Barth-Darkow Wabe
Experience what we love!

Accompany us to our favourite places, dive into the city's history and explore surrounding countryside of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg for Discoverers


Christine Barth-Darkow

Why do you work at the hotel VICTORIA?

I came into the hotel business as a career canger and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities I found at the Hotel VICTORIA. In my job as a brand embassador, I can live out my creativity to the full and am supported in my work by all areas of the hotel. The team spirit is great and I am greatful to be part of the VICTORIA team.

What term for the Wall of Positive Energy  do you choose for your everyday work?


Dealing with the guest and collegues is extremely respectful and appreciating, from which a motivation force arises. It feels like a little oasis in an increasingly challenging world.

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