Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
Königstraße 80 90402 Nürnberg Bayern, Germany
+49 911 24050 ab 82 EUR
Hotel Victoria

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Experience an unforgettable breakfast experience for Mother's Day at the Hotel VICTORIA, which is almost…

Tourism - Oskar is going to Nuremberg in 2024 and the VICTORIA warmly congratulates him.

In the Neues Museum, directly opposite the Hotel VICTORIA, you can experience a cultural highlight exclusively…

Weekly Pilates team training with Hristina Angelova

During the remodelling work, our boss Sabine Powels took the VICTORIA team to the Ochsenkopf.

Learn how to treat nature respectfully with the forest explorer children in a playful way and thereby make a…

We are pleased that through our actions sustainability is firmly anchored in the hotel.


Having fun together: Team building and personality development in a different way!


How is Hotel VICTORIA honey produced in the centre of Nuremberg?

Das Team erlebt unsere starke, gesunde Küche und lernt sich dabei persönlich noch besser kennen.