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Save our bees Part 2- Get together in Hotel VICTORIA!

The big hands-on activity! How we, the staff of the Hotel VICTORIA support the conservation of the bees.

[Translate to Italienisch:] Das VICTORIA Team!

The team of Hotel VICTORIA plant together the yellow #beedabei flower boxes to save our bees.

Within the scope of the project "Beedabei" of the the artist duo Peter Kalb & Gisela Bartulec we plant mellifluent in yellow window boxes together with our regional market garden "Pfann".  With this project the artists wants to gain currency these yellow flower boxes in the whole city. By the partnershiphs with "Beedabei" and the regional market gardens the boxes should propagate in many other cities in Europe. 

The Hotel VICTORIA gave everyone of us one of these beautiful flower boxes as a present. Therefore the project "save our bees" will continue in the gardens, on the balconies and patios of our staff. We are really proud to be a section of this amazing project and give the bees a little more living space back. 

Sustainablility and the use of regional products is very important for us! Therefor it was a matter of course to help our bees and give them a livingspace. But on the other hand with this hands-on activity we want to boost the teamwork and the togetherness. We all aren't only team members, we all  want to be creators. So this action should give us the feeling to be an very important part of our hotel and should motivate us daily to work hand in hand together for our guests.

THANK YOU, that we could be part of it! 

Backround of this project was Nurembergs assesment to be European Capital of Culture in 2025. More about this fact you can read in part 1.

Further information you find on and on Facebook @beedabei. 

[Translate to Italienisch:] wir sind bereit!
[Translate to Italienisch:] Unsere Kästen
[Translate to Italienisch:] Alle sind dabei!
[Translate to Italienisch:] Super!!!
[Translate to Italienisch:] Es hat echt riesen Spaß gemacht!
[Translate to Italienisch:] Alles machten mit!
[Translate to Italienisch:] #Beedabei
[Translate to Italienisch:] Stolz!