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Hotel Victoria

Team day at the start of the year

During the remodelling work, our boss Sabine Powels took the VICTORIA team to the Ochsenkopf.


Under a bright blue sky and in the biting cold, the team was treated to a secret excursion where only the appropriate clothing was known.

At a nearby hotel, where the team were allowed to be the guests this time, the day began with a hearty breakfast of delicious pancakes and other egg dishes to fortify us for the day ahead.

The journey then took us by bus to Bayreuth, where the highlight of the day awaited us: the Rudolfstein alpacas. Nicole Grießhammer, the owner, introduced us to the fascinating world of alpaca walking and shared her knowledge about these adorable animals, with whom you couldn't help but fall in love.

As a farewell gift, we were given some warm socks made from alpaca wool.

Many thanks to Nicole Grießhammer and her animals for this wonderful experience.

The journey continued by bus to the Waldhotel am Fichtelsee. There we were welcomed with the best mulled wine imaginable. The ambience resembled that of a high alpine hut and the menu included tarte flambée and a delicious Kaiserschmarren. Thanks to our colleagues at the hotel for the super friendly service.

Accompanied by the odd beer or glass of wine, the already good mood in the team was further fuelled, making this day an unforgettable experience.


Alpaka-Wandern am Ochsenkopf